SailorMoon and her senshi have fought countless enemies in their time, and emerged victorious. Together, they pledged to protect the world they love, but what happens when that very world turns against them?

On one nondescript day, a horrifically powerful earthquake brings Japan to it's knees. No one is safe, not even the senshi who try valiantly to save who they can. Despite this, they split up and scour the streets for survivors.

This is how SailorPluto comes across a senshi-on-senshi fight. Intervening with intent to sort the mess out, she finds herself the target of a vendetta. Wounded, captured and nearly helpless, Pluto is only kept alive for her value as a hostage.

And so, these dark senshi propose for SailorMoon a trade: Pluto for the Ginzuishou.

MoonCell is a forum based SailorMoon Role-Playing Game for mature minds. So come, join us.
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